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Pumpkin a tabby cat cuddling pumpkin looking at camera


adopt pumpkin
Pumpkin posing for camera

Would you like to adopt Pumpkin? Pumpkin is a sweet, affectionate male tabby cat that is available for adoption. He is 4-5 years old, gentle, loves to play, and seeks a cuddle buddy. He loves being petted and sitting with you. He’s not too keen on being carried around and squirms a lot trying to get down.

This little fellow had a shaved spot on his head in some photos, due to treatment for a head wound. He is fully recovered now and we’re looking for an indoor only home. We dubbed him Pumpkin because of the beautiful orange fur mixed with the grey tabby colors. He’s been through a TNR clinic at some time in his life too. He has an ear-tip.

This guy is ready to be safe, secure, and loved. He needs an owner willing to take the time to make sure he adjusts to a new home and doesn’t get out, please. This sweet boy really can’t take care of himself on the street. That’s how he ended up here.

He loves people, attention, lap sitting, and playing with feathers–like da’ bird. Can you love a boy with a few scars from life on the street and twinkling almond-shaped eyes? If so, Pumpkin wants to meet you.

He gets along with the other cats living here and our small dog. He’s active and curious all the time. Pumpkin has lots of energy for playing and entertaining you. We know he’d be really happy in a home where he is the only cat and gets all the attention, but he’ll share too.

Pumpkin is an adult (4-5 years old), neutered male, combo tested negative/negative.

Please contact us to arrange a time to meet Pumpkin. We are located in NE Austin, Texas. Did we also mention he comes with free pet insurance for 30-days? When you adopt Pumpkin, you can relax and get to know each other without worry.

We are in Austin, Texas. We only adopt within the Austin Texas Metro area (all surrounding communities–no out of state, shipping, etc.). Please,  email us to receive an application, set up a time to meet Pumpkin to see if he is perfect for you, or to ask questions.

Pumpkin conquering da birdPumpkin looking coy