Foster Home Application

mrsnickersOur goal is to have a network of foster homes for the special needs and senior kitties that are ready to live in a home.

We also need respite care foster homes for cats and dogs–yup, dogs too.

Not all cats have complex problems. Some are simply elderly and may be shy or get a little disoriented. Those cats may need a quiet home without children or lots of noise. Others may need a special home without a dog or another cat because of a handicap or past experience, such as being injured by a dog.

We need lots of foster homes in Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and most other areas within a reasonable distance of Austin to find the perfect fit for all of them.

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Of course, we may also have a kitty that’s ready for adoption. We are open to a foster placement trial to see if it’s a good fit.

Our application is only one page. It’s easy. We want all placements to be safe, happy, and healthy for the animals and the people. Some folk have a lot of experience, others don’t. We need information to make a good match and help you be a great pet parent.

We cover all medical costs for foster home expenses. All you need to do is feed them and keep them safe and loved. We provide the food too for respite caregivers. If you like to feed your fosters the best food and indulge them with treats, you may be able to deduct some of your out of pocket costs. Please, talk to your tax advisor for more info. We can’t give tax advice.

pumpkin2croppedSome special needs and senior animals cost more to maintain than others. With that in mind, sometimes we even cover long-term, chronic medical costs for special needs animals after adoption. Each situation is unique, and we work with you. A stable loving home can give these beautiful animals the quality of life they deserve. That’s our first priority.

Due to their medical condition or special needs, some kitties will live out their lives in our care. Those kitties need sponsors to help pay their expenses so we can continue to help others too. Others will make wonderful companions in a few weeks or months. They just need some quality time and care.

Ready to apply to foster a kitty or provide respite care? Foster or Respite Care Application

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Is there a kitty on our page that you love, but he/she isn’t available to foster or adopt? Ask us if that kitty might be ready for a home now. Also, please consider becoming a sponsor!

Visit some of our other kitties on You Tube videos. We aren’t pros, but I know you’ll enjoy meeting them.