Galadrial aka Li’l Gal

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Little Gal, originally named Galadrial, is Gandolph’s sister. They both arrived on our doorstep as orphaned kittens.

She flunked the test for  admission to a local adoption program. She’s house-trained and gets along with other cats and a dog. She loves to talk “loud and often” but she becomes a Tasmanian Devil when someone tries to pick her up, as in get all four feet off the floor. This is not a case of just being annoyed. In the beginning, she came totally unglued. We are making progress.

Through petting and playing we often get her off the floor now without a single problem. Her violent reaction is most likely due to fear and instinctively knowing that she’s vulnerable when she can’t get away. Getting by that reaction requires a long period of slow conditioning.

We never give up working on behavior problems and socialization because every cat is different. Success often comes with patience and age. There’s always hope that this girl and her brother will be ready for their own special homes one day.