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Gandolph arrived as an orphaned kitten found under a pile of wood. The mother was killed by a dog.

He got terrible diarrhea from almost anything he was fed and drank so much water the doctor was concerned that he might already be diabetic. With a lot of care and experimentation, we found food he could tolerate. He wasn’t diabetic, but he developed severe asthma that requires medication twice a day.

In addition, he’s one of our behavioral challenges. He bites when not watched to be sure he’s not overstimulated during interaction with people. It’s getting better, but he’s not always reliable yet. He also bites other cats. Fortunately, he doesn’t fight or bite hard enough to break the skin. He requires close supervision and constant behavioral redirecting.

At this time, he’s not on the adoption list. Unfortunately, his medication increases his aggressiveness, as well as his size and strength. This is a tough situation to balance, since there are no other options that work for him.