Hiss and PJ

This shelter with the catch door houses Hiss, he’s blind, and his buddy, PJ (Prince John). They are totally bonded. Hiss was rescued when a neighbor moved after her husband died.

The new owner’s were a house flipping company doing major construction renovations. Hiss and his guide-cat buddy, PJ, were no longer welcome. No one knew Hiss was blind during the years he lived near that home. The stress of age and too many changes set off severe IBD that only responds to one prescription diet.

Due to his age and difficulty in locating food and litter in a new situation, along with needing a special diet, being dependent on his friend PJ, and years of living only outdoors, we provideshelteroverviewwfansetc4x6 them with a special shelter that keeps them safe and comfortable. The upset of another change could jeopardize Hiss’s life.

Notice there are shelves for climbing and a tree limb to climb and scratch too. Our condos inside and out come from CD Pets. The quality is far beyond what we can build ourselves. Plus, saving time is a big help when we have so many animals needing hands on care.

We use solar lights for night work, as well as a mister system in summer, weather-proof wrap for the lower half in winter, sun shade fabric for summer and rainy weather (it’s rolled up in this picture), predator proofed floor, and solar fans to keep the air moving. The catch door provides added insurance that Hiss can’t get out during cleaning or social visits. Since he’s totally blind, that’s extremely important.


Hiss on house