Mr. Gray


Mr. Gray is a blue/gray plush handsome fellow that someone shot in the leg. He came to us injured and sick.

Since he is very senior, very shy, disorients easily, and has few teeth left, he spends a lot of his time on top of Bright Eyes condo communing with her.

He also needs prompting to reorient after even minor household changes or separation from the household due to medical treatment. Therefore, he’s not presently on the adoption list.

He seems very slow to adapt and learn new things. As a result, he doesn’t trust and scares easily too. We suspect he may have been very ill or injured in some way that affected his ability to function, and we also don’t really know how old he is. In our experience, guesstimates are usually under rather than over.

In 2018, we found out Mr. Gray has either lymphoma or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). The treatment is the same. A limited ingredient diet to calm the intestines, B12 injections, and prednisone if needed. The food is very expensive, and it’s not possible to feed him separately without isolating him all the time.

We don’t want to do that because he is emotionally fragile. Even small changes upset him greatly. We also decided not to subject him to a surgical procedure to get a biopsy, since the treatment would be the same. Sometimes, that type of procedure for a very senior kitty seems to hasten their decline and they don’t quite ever recover.

He’s done well on the special diet. His weight is holding steady, a lot less vomiting, and more playful! That’s great!

Mr. Gray is also on allergy medication. He developed allergies about a year or so ago, which  may go along with bowel changes that we didn’t know about yet then. The intestines are very much a part of the immune system in people and pets. Twice a day, he gets a transdermal application of allergy medication rubbed on the inside of his ear tip. No stress or pilling for this fellow.

There is still shrapnel in his leg and evidence of a broken leg that was not treated. He clearly had a rough life before he arrived at Catnip Casa. This sweet fellow deserves a very safe and happy ninth life with all the little puff ball toys his heart desires. Crinkle balls and puff balls are his joy in life!