Prince John (PJ)



The annoyed kitty is Prince John, lovingly called PJ. That’s PJ (right) lying next to Hiss (left) on top of the feral villa house in the photo below and on the shelf just above Hiss in the other photo on the left. PJ functioned as a guide-cat for Hiss for many years when they both lived on the street. We think he’s quite a bit younger than Hiss. It wasn’t until they had to be removed from their territory and Hiss went to the vet for his intake checkup that we learned Hiss is blind. We simply never saw one without the other. Because of that bond, we always keep them together.

Hiss (left) and PJ (right)Although he doesn’t have any serious health problems, PJ deserves our love and respect for his commitment to his friend and his loyalty in taking care of him for years. This boy has a home here for life. He may not be great with people, but he’s given his life to helping and protecting his friend. We won’t separate them. PJ would be devastated and Hiss would be seriously traumatized.

The sunscreen material you see below shades the shelter and also keeps out most of the rain above the clear plexiglass weather panels that surround the lower half. These boys lived outside for many years and love to be close to nature. We accommodate them in every way possible. The catio is surrounded with garden areas, bird feeders, squirrel feeders, and even cats from the feral colony that lives on the property. It’s as natural as it can be and still keep them safe.

Nothing in the shelter ever gets moved. When we have volunteers or petsitters, the item placement is marked on the floor. That way Hiss can find food, litter, water, and move around easily.  There is a covered feeding station and another very low, large litter pan to make his life easier.

A nap on a shelf in the catio. The sunscreens are down, but there’s still fresh air, birds, and squirrels. Yes Hiss can find his way up to the shelf without being able to see. Nothing in this catio ever gets moved. There are markings on the floor to be sure we remember the location of food, litter boxes, and other furnishings.


Blind Kitty & Guide Cat Catio Shelter
Blind Kitty & Guide Cat Catio-Shelter