Tabbytha’s Sponsors:

Carrie Laymon


Meet our Administrative Assistant, Tabbytha, a senior Maine Coon mix. She’s had health problems since she was brought to us as a kitten that a neighbor couldn’t care for due to the medical expenses and ongoing need for medication multiple times each day.

She has an immune system disorder, thyroid, and intestinal dysfunction. She does fine with a well-balanced regimen of foods, injections (1 a week), and medications and supplements (5-6 in the am and 6-7 in the pm daily).

In the past year, she’s also been forgetful about eating and needs to be put in a crate with her food in front of her. She seems to feel fine. She’s a senior, but she’s not at the age where the lack of focus is usually expected. Her checkup also revealed no physical problems.

So to keep her girlish figure, shes gets a variety of food and eats about every three hours in a large dog crate where the food, and the smell of the food, is right in front of her. It works. You can see her meds in the photo. That’s just one morning set up. We put several small pills or pills that are cut into a capsule to make it easier for her.