Vinnie peeking out of cubbyVinnie on blanketVinnie came to us at the age of 14+ years old through a pet social service program for seniors.


He clearly was not feral when he showed up at our colony feeder. He didn’t have an ideal home situation, but we kept an eye on him while he continued to live with his owner and visit us.

Then, tragedy struck when the owner tried to adopt a dog. We helped the owner and the social service agency get care for him after he was severely injured. Vinnie survived, and the owner gave up the dog. He went to a home without cats. In all fairness, Vinnie can be a bit aggressive toward dogs too when he doesn’t want to be bothered. We’ll never know the whole story. We’re just glad they both survived. Then, sadly, Vinnie lost his home due to his owner’s health and the loss of her home. We agreed to take him due to his age and unknown long-term effects from the injuries.

Vinnie and Happy
Vinnie and his friend, Happy, playing in a box.

During the intake exam, we learned he is also positive for heartworm. He had a difficult time adjusting to losing his home, but he made fast friends with our little dog. He is not up for adoption due to his age, difficulty adjusting, and ongoing medical treatment. He still needs dental care too, but that was put on hold until he gained weight and felt less stressed. His dental disease was not severe enough to take priority over his other health care and emotional adjustment.

Vinnie is a big boy and is doing well now that he has had a few months to adjust. We were ready to address his dental needs when the flooding hit Texas on Memorial Day 2015. Our home, cat facilities, and all shelters were flooded, which put a lot of plans and non-essential care on hold during the recovery efforts. Please, help us make sure this old man has a wonderful ninth life and retirement. Sponsor him today!