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Meet Extra, the extra black cat, with a heart problem and mosquito allergies. He’s Anna’s special friend. Extra is feral and arrived at our feeder injured.

During his stay at the veterinary hospital, I got a call. The doctor wanted to know if I wanted to have him euthanized because he had a very high grade heart problem. I declined since it wasn’t my regular doctor, and I didn’t want to do that without another opinion. He was fine for years, until he got hurt again. Then, we almost lost him. The vet worked hard to save him. Finally, he appeared stable.

IMG_20140801_201538610I decided to bring him home, yet again, and give him a chance. We offered him heart medication in a dab of tuna, and he faithfully took it every day for months. That was years ago now. One day, he decided he didn’t want the medication any more.

We know we will probably lose him when he get sick or hurt again, but I wouldn’t change the decisions I made. He’s had many “extra” years of good quality of life. Extra stays on our property and hangs out with his friend Anna.

By the way, he also likes the dog, Happy. He especially likes to tease Happy when we walk him in the yard at night. Happy runs free with the cats indoors and outdoors now. As a puppy, he was always on a leash. Extra is smart enough not to like or trust strange dogs though.

We still use a leash to walk Happy at night, due to the wildlife. He’s a small dog and an unexpected meeting could be dangerous for both. Extra’s favorite trick is to get right in front of Happy and make him nervous–our dog has a healthy respect for cats–or startle him by popping out of the dark while he’s sniffing around preparing to go potty before bedtime.

In the video below, Extra is enjoying the sun on an early spring day. The grass isn’t fully green, but he doesn’t care. It’s a warm, sunny day that’s perfect for romping in the yard.