Little Gal aka Galadriel

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Little Gal, originally named Galadriel, is Gandolph’s sister. Gandolph is the kitty with asthma. They both arrived on our doorstep as orphans.

She flunked the test forĀ  admission to a local adoption program. This pretty, little silver tabby is house-trained and gets along with other cats and a dog–except for other female cats. It seems to be universal too. We haven’t found a single female she willingly gets along with.

The other problem standing between her and adoption is that she becomesĀ a Tasmanian Devil when someone tries to pick her up, as in get all four feet off the floor. This is not a case of just being annoyed. In the beginning, she came totally unglued. She is still unmanageable for vet care or any care beyond routine feeding and petting. It’s a long process to arrange to catch her and get her sedated without stressing her to the danger point. We are making progress.

Little Gal loves to talk “loud and often” and do cute headstands on the cat tree. Through petting and playing we often get her off the floor now without a single problem. Her violent reaction is most likely due to fear and instinctively knowing that she’s vulnerable when she can’t get away. Getting by that reaction requires a long period of slow conditioning. Sometimes, we don’t get a far as we would like. We have to do our best and accept that.

We never give up working on behavior problems and socialization because every cat is different. Success often comes with patience and age.

LIttle Gal on cat tree
Little Gal loves to do head stands on the cat tree. It’s her way of asking to be petted. Usually, she does a lot of loud meowing to make sure we notice.