Leo is hearing impaired and suffers from severe environmental allergies. He has frequent medical events, including hospitalizations for respiratory infection, tonsillitis (that’s right), and breathing treatments. In 2019, he was diagnosed with asthma and began using an inhaler, like Gandolph. Leo needs close supervision and medication.

After a weekend in the emergency clinic, our vet told us he had the worst case of tonsillitis he had ever seen in a cat. After all these years of rescue work, we didn’t even know they could get tonsillitis!

That was on top of a sinus infection and URI (upper respiratory infection). He spent weeks going in and out of the hospital for treatment and being hand-fed. He couldn’t swallow to eat and was in terrible pain. We came very close to losing him that time.

Leo’s allergies are so bad that we monitor him closely for cloudy mucus every time he sneezes. He also gets twice a day transdermal (on the inside of his ear tip) allergy medication to reduce the allergy reactions and to try to keep him from developing infections.

Leo also doesn’t adapt well to new people or new situations. Shy is his middle name. He’s not on the adoption list because it’s so difficult to medicate him regularly. Penny is regularly found standing on a chair reaching into a cubby at the very top of a cat tree to slip a pill into his mouth or give him a squirt of medication.

Other times, Michael’s office becomes a hospital to allow us to control the humidity (and avoid hospitalization), as well as to avoid climbing to catch him. He would be at risk without medication and if he got out, his lack of hearing would put him at risk from cars and other animals.

Yes, the photo is very cliche with a black cat next to the pumpkin. We’re working on more sophisticated portrait shots of Leo. If you’ve ever done photography, you know black or white is very challenging. It’s more challenging when the subject doesn’t want to cooperate. Besides, he really seems to like pumpkins. Whenever we have one around for seasonal decoration, he’s found lying on it or next to it.

Leo can be sponsored if you want to support his love of comfy beds and need for daily allergy medication, along with frequent medical care. A sponsor simply agrees to donate a monthly amount to care for Leo. You can sponsor at whatever amount fits your budget, and every cat is allowed to have more than one sponsor. We’ll even post your name, if you want to let everyone know you support your favorite kitty–if not, it can remain our little secret. 🙂

Leo lying on cat tree in condo