Mr. Gray




Who is happy, talkative, playful, and affectionate, in spite of his medical problems? Mr. Gray!

Mr. Gray is a blue/gray plush handsome fellow that someone shot in the leg. Shrapnel is still in there. He came to us injured and sick.

This pretty boy is very senior, very shy, disorients easily, and has few teeth left. He did well for several years. Then in 2018, he became very ill. Frankly, we were scared.

After Mr. Gray became severely ill with intestinal problems, he moved to a private room. The prescription diet and medications are critical to keeping him stable, and that requires a separate room. We make sure he has cuddle time every day to love and reassure him.

We learned Mr. Gray has lymphoma or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). The treatment is the same. Several treatments didn’t work. Now, Mr. Gray does well on a hydrolyzed protein prescription diet, along with two medications and a probiotic given twice each day.

We decided early on not to subject Mr. Gray to a surgical biopsy procedure since the treatment would be the same. Sometimes, that type of procedure for a very senior kitty hastens their decline. He’s done well on the latest prescription diet. His weight is holding steady, and the little guy is affectionate, comfortable, and playful again!

The next medical challenge is to find a way to reduce the prednisone to keep him from becoming diabetic. That’s harder than it sounds. Our vet is working on a plan.

In the past, Mr. Gray was also on allergy medication. He developed allergies about a year before the intestinal problems hit, which may go along with bowel changes that we didn’t know about yet. Twice a day, he received a transdermal application of allergy medication rubbed on the inside of his ear tip.  The high dose of prednisone eliminated allergy reactions for now, which makes his life a bit easier.

Since he also needs prompting to reorient after even minor household changes (don’t move that cat tree!) or separation from the household due to medical treatment, he’s considered a permanent resident.

He seems very slow to adapt and learn new things. That could be age or a past head injury based on his condition when he came to us. As a result, he doesn’t trust quickly and scares easily too. We suspect he may have been very ill, or seriously injured, in some other way that wasn’t treated. The vet says he also had a broken leg that wasn’t treated, and we only have an estimate of his age.

He clearly had a rough life before he arrived at Catnip Casa. This sweet fellow deserves a very safe and happy ninth life with all the little puffball toys his heart desires. A sherpa covered puffball about the size of a golf ball is his joy in life!

Mr. Gray