Grief Support

yellow roseGrief is a difficult subject because it means your cherished companion died or you have received news that causes you to expect this to happen in the near future. There is also something called anticipatory grief, which takes place before your animal friend dies. The grief support offered here is not professional counseling. We offer resources, ideas, and someone who has been there many times, to listen and share the burden of this difficult experience.

First, let’s talk about anticipatory grief because that comes before the death of a person or animal. There is nothing wrong with grieving when you face this type of situation. It becomes a problem when grief gets in the way of sharing the good time that is left. After all, maintaining the pet’s quality of life and sharing time you’ll cherish later is the purpose of supporting pet parents who choose to do pawspice care. We’ll talk about ideas and ways to cope with your needs, while continuing to enjoy the time left with your loving animal companion.

The next steps involve a number of very emotional decisions. How long you can take care of a seriously ill animal companion in terms of cost and physical requirements? When do you need to consider euthanasia (assisted death)? How do you deal with children, elders, and other animals? Can you afford the type of aftercare you want for the precious companion that shares your life? What are the alternatives? Where can you find resources and information?

Needless to say, these decisions are difficult and often costly, emotionally and financially. Sometimes the financial aspect adds greatly to the emotional impact, creating additional grief and guilt when finances dictate already difficult choices. We tend to forget that our animals age quickly, may need costly medical care, and that they will need end-of-life care. In the struggle to pay for other expenses, most people have very little saved and few invest in pet insurance. Worse yet, you may have little time to explore the options.

More information will be added to this section of the site later this year, including lists of resources and books. Meanwhile, if you’d like to talk or need help to find resources, I know of many resources online, by phone, and in a variety of areas, including some overseen by professional counselors that are free. Send me a note.

Grief support is always free for the first 30 minutes by phone or email. Since this is one way I give back to the community, please understand that I must limit the number of customers receiving free support to six customers per week. Don’t hesitate to ask! There is usually time available, and I answer every contact. We offer layman support only, no professional counseling is implied or offered.