Helpful Links

We know finding resources consumes time. Our helpful links allow you to save precious time for the animals you love. We want to share what we’ve found that might help you or your organization. If you have others that you’ve found, we’d like to know about them. To eliminate sorting through tons of spam comments, please send them to us by email.

Animal Poison Control

  • Whether the dog got into Grandma’s medication or the cat was caught chewing on an unidentified house plant, this is the best resource we’ve found.

Found Animals Microchip Registry

  • Our FREE, 24/7, online service allows you to register new pets, change contact information, and even transfer a pet to a new adopter, anytime, at NO charge. We’ve made it FREE and EASY to register all of your pets, regardless of their microchip brand, so consolidate all of your registrations in the Found Animals Registry.

Hometown Animal Care

  • We know lots of cats have doggy friends that need good doctors too. For boarding, Miss Kitty’s nicely decorated little rooms and the large exercise yards make everyone purr and woof.

HousePaws Austin Mobile Veterinary Service

  • Providing low-stress, convenient veterinary care at your house!

Forever Fluffy

  • A very nice site that offers free memorials and support resources. It’s not limited to cats, in spite of the name.

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