Special Needs Animals

Mr. Snickers the toothless catWhat are special needs animals? A special need may be a medical or behavioral problem, such as an animal losing its sight or the ability to walk due to an accident, illness, or aging. It could also be a temporary situation, such as surgery, cancer treatment, or hospice care. Alternately, an owner may develop physical limitations that make routine daily care more difficult.

We’ve spent over 20 years working with animals. Most of them had special needs that rendered them unable to be put up for adoption in conventional shelters. In addition, I’ve been through the challenges of finding alternate ways to accomplish daily care because I work around mobility limitations myself.

One of our specialties is helping develop special needs programs, figuring out care routines that can work for you, helping you learn to give medications, and finding resources to keep you and your pet together by solving problems. Penny gladly works with you, as well as your veterinarian, your doctor, or with other professionals who work with you and/or your animal.

Our goal is to keep aging, ill, and disabled animals in their homes, as well as to help keep you and your pet together when your abilities change. This service is free. We simply ask that you donate to Catnip Casa Cat Refuge, if you are able, to help us continue our work with senior and special needs animals.
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