Our Casas

We have a variety of catnip casas (homes/shelters) for the varying needs of our special population of kitties.

IMG_20141030_154243958Several of the cats living here were outdoor or indoor/outdoor most of their lives (often due to their health or behavior) and a couple do better when not housebound. At the present time, one of our most senior residents is a blind fellow with IBD. He lives with his buddy and “guide cat” in a room-size, outdoor enclosed catio where nothing ever gets moved. Another fellow with feline leukemia occupies a separate catio enclosure with a chair and his own toys. The cats need multiple shelters or areas that can be divided. Some cats get along, and some don’t, just like people. Also, some medical issues require separation.

We have a 14×20 indoor room with a large recovery cage, 6x8x6 long-term stay furnished condo, 4x4x6 temporary condo, a 3x3x3 intensive care recovery condo, multiple litter pans, drinking fountains, and feeders, as well as many cat trees, and two upper level play areas. The play areas connect by a track around the perimeter of the room six feet above the floor. All of the condos, except the intensive care condo, are presently occupied. This room could easily connect to an additional outdoor run where volunteers and families interested in adoption can play and visit with the cats.

Some of the special needs kitties live in the indoor housing (hearing impaired, injured leg from being shot, aggressive behavior/special management, asthma, special diet/surgery, wounded/recovering, and elderly/heartworm), along with one senior cat with multiple medical issues and a small dog with anxiety who runs herd on them. We are at constantly at full capacity in terms of facilities, time, and resources, since all cats we accept need a high level of ongoing care.

We are happy to tell you that we are a Texas nonprofit corporation and we are a 501(c)3 with a gold rating on GuideStar. We are eagerly moving forward with many plans to increase our community service. We have wonderful volunteers, a pet respite care program started in 2016, and a grant to increase our respite care capacity. Still, we never have enough foster homes for cats and dogs. Please tell your friends!

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