Our Casas

We have a variety of catnip casas (homes/shelters) for the varying needs of our special population of kitties. Catnip Casa is entirely foster-home-based and all-volunteer. Our goal is a home environment for the domesticated seniors and a safe yard with resources for the community cats. We don’t bring in community cats that are not native to our neighborhood, but we try to provide a safe haven for those that are here.

Earl Gray is comfortable sleeping on the sofa
Our goal is a home environment for life.

Inside the primary intake home, we have a 14×20 room with a 6x8x6 long-term stay furnished condo, two 4x4x6 temporary condos, multiple litter pans, drinking fountains, and feeders, and two upper-level play areas, as well as many cat trees throughout the home. The play areas connect by a track around the perimeter of the room six feet above the floor.

The special needs and/or elderly domestic kitties live in the house like all family cats (blind, hearing impaired, an injured leg from being shot, aggressive behavior/special management, asthma, special diet/surgery, wounded/recovering, and elderly/heartworm, FeLV), along with a small dog with anxiety that runs herd on them. Some medical situations require separate living areas, and we have an extra room to accommodate that need. We are constantly at full capacity in terms of facilities, time, and resources since all cats we accept need a high level of ongoing care. As they age, the medical expenses go up too.

Several of the community cats living here are senior or special needs feral kitties that are too old and fragile to be outside, but they can still live well protected. They have large indoor catios and warm beds in our new catio room, which also houses our storm shelter.

Feral colony cats that live in our yard and nearby have access to an area that is sheltered from the rain and wind. It contains insulated shelter houses for winter, along with patio coolers for summer. There are also shelter boxes with insulated warming beds scattered around the property. The cats come and go as they please, we only provide resources. We also provide heated food and water bowls for winter. The cats need multiple shelter areas. Some cats get along, and some don’t, just like people. Cats are also territorial.

In addition, the yard contains two 8×16 catios for working with the feral colonies and for TNR trappers to use for recovery. One of our goals for 2023 is to expand our TNR assistance.

Cat lying on her backWe are proud to be a Texas nonprofit corporation, and we are a 501(c)3 with a Platinum rating on GuideStar, which is now Candid. We are eagerly moving forward with plans to increase our community service. We have wonderful doctors, donors, and volunteers. Still, we never have enough support to answer all of the requests for help. Please tell your friends!

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Cat and Sebastian on a large bean bag chair.