Toffee a torti kitty
Toffee is not a fan of having her picture taken, but look at those gorgeous markings.

Toffee is a young torti. She’s beautiful and petite, and she’s also timid, feral, and the mom of Cheeto and Dorian. She may be like Anna and never tame. The problem is that she’s also not a good barn cat candidate either. Survival for her and her kittens depended on scavenging at bird feeders and outdoor food bowls in the neighborhood. That type of cat has a hard time making it “in the wild”.

That doesn’t eliminate adoption possibilities for Toffee though. She might get used to people enough to live with them if she finds someone willing to do it on her terms. Many people want lap cats, but a few understanding souls are willing just to provide the home and let it happen–or not. However, Toffee is not even ready for that yet.

The senior kitty, Anna, remains very feral, but she loves treats and playing with da bird toy. Anna does not allow us to pet her, but she isn’t traumatized by our presence or the daily activities of people or other cats. That’s a good first goal for Toffee too. Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates. It’s hard to get pics of this girl.

When she moved inside, we didn’t see her for days. That is a huge concern with a hard-core feral. We’ve had injured feral cats that would not even eat in captivity. Since Toffee lived outside in a catio with her kids before the move, we didn’t think she’d go that far.

Still, how did we know she was okay? We installed 24×7 video cameras we could monitor and check every day to be sure she came out to use the litter and eat. Cats cannot be starved into submission. They are likely to die when people use that tactic.

As you can see below, Toffee comes out to sleep and play now. Mostly when there are no people out there, but we sometimes see her. That’s a lot of progress for her in a short time.

Toffee under a chair in outdoor catio
Toffee doesn’t appear to have ever had a home. She acts totally unfamiliar with human care or contact.
Toffee a torti cat
Toffee already stays out to sleep, and occasionally, when someone is working out there in the catio.



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