Donate without Cash

Dorian a pretty solid gray young male cat with short hair
Dorian sitting on a scratching post in the indoor catio.

We have a lot of wonderful supporters and caring donors that give regularly to Catnip Casa Cat Refuge to make life better for senior and special needs cats. It’s important for all of you to know how much we appreciate you every day of the year. We know many of you are feeling the higher prices, job changes, and even Covid complications. You can still support the kitties by exploring the many ways to donate as you go about your everyday activities without giving cash.

One way to help Catnip Casa Cat Refuge is by earning free donations whenever you shop online using Right now, iGive is giving out bonus donations! It costs nothing to join. iGive is easy to use and set up too. Right now, when everyone is trying to stretch money just a little further, you can help by shopping through iGive. Your money goes further because the stores donate a portion of every purchase, and it doesn’t cost you more. I’ve compared many store prices on the apps and off.

If you join iGive right away, you earn an extra $15 donation for Catnip Casa Cat Refuge by making your first purchase through iGive within 45 days. Not hard to do since most of us shop online frequently. Now or later, whenever you join, the kitties will benefit. The stores make this possible because they want you to shop there regularly, and they want you to know they give back. There are 2068 socially-responsible stores helping make donations happen.

Let’s face it, even in a tight economy, we all have to eat and buy household cleaning products and other essentials. You’ll probably scrape up enough for a special gift for parents or children too. Then, there’s also the need for school supplies. Some things are needed even when you cut back on holiday shopping or eating out, and I know I do a lot of my personal shopping online. Sometimes, it’s even cheaper than the store.

We have lots of other shopping apps and ways to give. Just visit our website pages How to Help or Shop and Save.

Do you know we can take donations in cryptocurrency, and we can also get donations from your old gift cards that only have small amounts left? You can even donate by using points you earn on some credit cards. There is a list of cards on Charity Choice. If you use Amazon a lot, we are on AmazonSmile too. The link is also at the bottom of the Shop and Save page.

Our costs to care for the animals are going up just like yours are at home. The cost of food through August of this year (2022) totaled $5,198. The cost of food for the entire year in 2021 was $5,170. Plus, Leo’s medications cost $53.91 each month, and Gandolph’s medications cost $113.67 every month. That doesn’t include litter, veterinary care, beds, toys, and more. So, you can see the kitties need your support more than ever.

Please, take a look at the many choices on our website. Use one or use several! These are easy ways you can help the animals even when you don’t have money for cash donations.

I hope you’ll give it a try. To learn more or sign up with iGive now, use this link:

Watch for our Winter 2022 newsletter to get a quick update about our accomplishments this year and plans for 2023.

Thank you!