Ben a gray and white catBen showed up at Austin Kitty Village in early 2022 and is by far the most vocal feral cat I have ever encountered.  In fact, we thought he was a lost or dumped pet because he was so vocal and would cry in the front yard until we fed him and sometimes after he ate too.

We trapped him as soon as we could, hoping that he had a microchip since he didn’t appear to be an unneutered male. But he wasn’t chipped, and in fact, he had a condition called double cryptorchidism, which means that neither one of his testicles had moved to its proper position. This can be a very dangerous condition, causing infections and even cancer.

Ben and CC sitting outsideBen was neutered, vaccinated, and returned to Austin Kitty Village to live out his destiny as CC’s best friend. These two are a true TNR success story, going from enemies to besties. We are so happy that they truly appear to enjoy each other’s company, show each other affection with head butts and grooming, and even snuggle next to each other at nap time.

CC and Ben fought horribly before they were both neutered. Just weeks after they both went through TNR, they started tolerating each other. And within months, they became best friends–striking up a true bromance. This is why we advocate for TNR as the best, and most humane, method to manage community cats. Now they are almost always seen together, head butting one another, even snuggling in a heated bed during the recent ice storm.

CC and Ben relaxing outsideBen a gray and white cat