Cheeto and Dorian on a chairCheeto is so tiny in our first pictures of him. He is a big boy now. His socialization skills are improving, and he’s learning good house manners. There is the minor issue of being a teenage cat though. Boy, does he like to tear up the place!

At one point, when we installed cameras in the catio room, he managed to take it down. Major reinforcement was required to Cheeto-proof it.

Cheeto standing on hind legsCheeto is the bravest of the feral family we befriended last year. He’s extremely smart, large, and strong. People scare him a little when it’s not his favorite person, but not much else bothers him. Curiosity is Cheeto’s middle name. He’s a handful because of his lack of fear. So, we’re very glad to have layers of doors in the catio room to make sure he stays safe until he’s tamer and more mature. We look forward to a time when he can come out and help with chores in the catio room.

The catio room is also constructed in such a way that we can deconstruct portions of it for a more homelike environment when they are ready.

You can read about their rescue and how our seniors ended up with a young family in their midst.

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Cheeto an orange catcheeto and dorian playing with laser light on outdoor catio