Volunteer Opportunities

Toffee a calico kitty
Toffee is not a fan of having her picture taken.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities below and you are over 18 (an insurance requirement), please use the contact form if you have questions. I’ll be happy to send more information. You can also submit a CCCR Volunteer Application now. Please read the information below before contacting us. Thank you!


We now offer onsite volunteer opportunities to work with Catnip Casa Cats.

We’d love to talk. Thank you!

We always have volunteer opportunities at our main intake home in Austin, Texas. The jobs aren’t always glamorous, but the work is important. It saves lives. Your help allows us to pay medical bills and purchase the foods and medicines for conditions that are life-threatening without medication and special diets. Your help allows us to spend time seeking grants and donations to improve their care and to enable us to keep our promise of a safe place for a ninth life.

Catnip Casa is foster-home-based. Volunteer work takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, afternoons at the main intake home in northeast Austin where the long-term kitties reside. If you can work during these hours, our volunteer opportunities are very flexible within our available work hours and days. 

Southern New Hampshire University logoWe are also proud to be able to offer staff and regular volunteers a discount on the cost of continuing their education through a recognized university. SNHU offers online programs at undergrad and graduate levels. Talk to us for more information.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Kitties need clean rooms, sturdy cat trees, fresh food, clean litter, lots of water in clean fountains, and warm bedding. We do a lot of hard work taking care of those cute little furry faces. IF you don’t mind the physical labor, we always need help cleaning and maintaining the rooms and condos.

Kitty Socialization/Playtime:

We also need people to visit and play with the cats. These wonderful cats have often lost much of their trust in people. A bit of playtime and friendly voices go a long way toward helping them become social and trust again, We also use various forms of play as therapy for some residents. For the long-term residents, it means fun and relaxation too, which we all need.


Do you have clerical experience? Medical records need to be kept organized. Medications need to be inventoried. The database needs to be updated with vaccination dates and medication changes. Like kids, cats change as they get older, and it’s important to have a current photo on file. We do an occasional newsletter, blog posts, and simple grant applications.

Creative Assistance:

You might even create your own volunteer opportunity. These are excellent mini-opportunities and one-time projects for people short on time who want to give back.

  • Are you good at taking pictures we can post?
  • Are you good at making holiday pins and posts with graphics?
  • Do you have a gift for funny captions?
  • Do you have a huge social network that can spread the word during our fundraising campaigns?

We never get too many good, funny, silly, and entertaining photos of the Catnip Casa cats. Our supporters want to see what happens here and get to know the cats. If they have a favorite kitty they sponsor, they want to receive quality information and lots of “I feel like I’m there” kitty fixes.

Click here to drop us a note and join the fun!

Basset nose in cat hole
What’s with the cat hole? I want to help too!