Volunteer Opportunities

Hiss is very senior and blind, but he’s got gorgeous eyes.

We always have volunteer opportunities here in Austin, Texas. The jobs aren’t always glamorous, but the work is important. It saves lives. Your help allows us to pay our medical bills and purchase the foods and medicines for conditions that are life-threatening without medication and special diets. Your help allows us to spend time seeking grants and donations to improve their care and to enable us to care for more cats and more Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care guests.

Kitties need clean rooms, clean comfortable cat trees, fresh food, clean litter, lots of water, and warm bedding. Bedding and heating/cooling set ups have to be changed seasonally in the outdoor areas. We do a lot of hard work taking care of those cute little furry faces. Our volunteer opportunities are very flexible. Although, most of them are available weekday afternoons only. We need people who would like to help with special events too.

We also need people to visit and play with the cats we want to place in homes. These wonderful cats have often lost much of their trust in people. A bit of playtime and friendly voices goes a long way toward helping them become social again, and that means more opportunities to find a forever home. For the long-term residents, it means fun and relaxation, which we all need.

You might even create your own volunteer opportunity. Are you good at taking pictures we can post? Do you have a gift for funny captions? Do you have a huge social network that can spread the word during our campaigns? We never get too many good, funny, silly, and entertaining photos of the Catnip Casa cats. Our supporter want to see what happens here and get to know the cats. If they have a favorite kitty they sponsor, they want to receive quality information and lots of “I feel like I’m there” kitty fixes.

Drop us a note and join the fun!

We always need short-term fosters for dogs and cats for the Love & Cuddles Pet Respite Care program too.