Caramel Latte

Latte, a dilute orange tabby, lying on a rug.Caramel Latte is a dilute orange tabby cat. We call him Latte. He arrived at Catnip Casa lost and hungry and suffering from fleas. This lonely and thin, friendly fellow needed help. Within a couple of weeks, while he was getting fed and checked by our vet, we also found out he is heartworm-positive–more about that later.


Of course, a fellow this sweet must have someone missing him. We tried the lost and found that send lists to us from all the shelters for miles around, an. We drove the streets in the area looking for posters and checked NextDoor and Craig’s List. Our efforts on Latte’s behalf were intense for almost three weeks. In fact, we still get the notifications just in case we get lucky. For that reason, we do not include all the details about him. We need to withhold details to be sure we can get a positive ID from anyone claiming ownership. Unfortunately, there are lots of scams with ill intent that prey on lost and found pets. Sadly, some wonderful cats also get left behind on their own intentionally too.

Heartworm in cats is not like what dogs experience, and it’s not treated the same way. Nevertheless, they can die from it. The link explains more about what it means for cats. We still have to do an ultrasound, and the vet will make a treatment plan for Latte. Watch for updates on our Facebook page.

When a new kitty arrives at Catnip Casa, most often, he or she needs special care due to age, disease, disability, or behavioral challenges. There is so much for us and them to learn when a cat is already an adult. What kind of food–wet, dry, flavors? What kind of bed? Does this kitty like to be held or would he rather be close without a lot of cuddling? What about other animals–cats, dogs, male, female? Does he like toys? Does he respond to catnip? Lots and lots of questions. The sooner we find answers to as many as possible, the sooner the new kitty will relax, start to build trust, and let us help him.

Latte’s personality is sweet, and his house manners are wonderful. Toys are fun too. He likes the red laser light, scratching pads, and catnip stuffed toys, along with lots of petting and loving attention. This fellow deserves a great place to rest, recover, and stay safe.

Caramel Latte in the isolation area when he first arrived.
Isolation is necessary for all new arrivals, but Latte would rather not be there even with food, toys, and a bed.
Caramel Latte upside down running along the edge of the sofa on his side.
Maybe no one will notice if I don’t use my claws? Latte enjoys some house time now that he’s been cleared to be sure he will not spread any infectious diseases.