Earl Gray

very large male gray tabby
This is the fellow we suspect may be the daddy to the kittens. Even if he’s not, he’s the most patient male we’ve ever seen.

Earl Gray is a gray tabby we call a gentle giant. Earl loves sunbaths, and he walks with a confident stroll.

He doesn’t seem entirely feral, but he isn’t willing to be petted or touched. Earl doesn’t attack, just hisses or moves away. Could he be an outside kitty that has a home? Maybe. He strolls down the curb toward another house sometimes. There is no microchip or other indication, like a collar or mark from a collar that came off.

Earl’s slow stroll seems a bit out of character for the young age the vet estimated when he had TNR surgery, but we don’t see any physical problems. The vet didn’t report any noticeable health problems either. Maybe, he’s just a very zen fellow. That’s part of why we thought Earl Gray (you know, after the British tea) fit him.

We decided, for now, to let him keep his freedom, and we’ll provide resources. Earl has food, water, a well-insulated shelter, and a safe place to nap and watch squirrels. If we know extreme weather is coming, we can try to bring him into the catio area. He seems to have settled down nicely after being neutered, but we have several very old males inside and in the catio. So, we must move cautiously with any attempts to integrate him into the other populations.

So, that’s his story for now. We love the big fellow, and we’ll work on making him welcome here and see if he decides we can be trusted.

Earl lying on artificial turf
Earl decided to help us repair the little dog run by lying on the artificial turf while we were working.
Earl Gray lying on cardboard in raised garden bed
We put down cardboard to control weeds in the raised beds. This bed also has a dragon that Earl seems to like.