Arthur Kornblum

a white and beige cat named Arthur Kornblum
Catnip! I found catnip!

Arthur Kornblum came to Austin Kitty Village in 2016 as a young kitten, about 5 weeks old.  He came from a shelter in the DFW area and was at risk of euthanasia due to his medical issues.  He had a very high fever with an undetermined cause.

As soon as Arthur arrived, we took him to the veterinarian to get him started on antibiotics. The vet also noted that he had a head tilt, likely due to the high fever, and they were concerned that he might be deaf–white animals are often deaf. He would also walk in circles when he was scared or upset.

Arthur and a kitten named JonesyWe nursed Arthur back to health over several weeks, and it became apparent that his head tilt would be permanent. It’s called a vestibular imbalance. It doesn’t hurt him, but he does look quite thoughtful with his cute head tilt. This condition is most likely the result of his prolonged fever as a kitten. We are happy to report that Arthur is not deaf.  He is quite vocal and can hear us just fine.

Arthur is great with foster kittens. You can see him taking care of a couple in the photos. He loves to play with them and teaches them how to be confident fun-loving cats.  He has been at Austin Kitty Village for 6 years now, and we couldn’t be happier that he’s stayed with us.

Arthur as a sick kitten trying to walk

Arthur sitting in a lettuce drawer in the refrigerator