We are proud of our community supporters, corporate donors, and rescue partners. Unfortunately, we can’t list all of the individual donations, even though we are truly thankful.

Every dollar and every can of food or warm bed donated helps keep a feral colony safe or helps save the life of a senior or special needs cat that might perish in a shelter.

DreamHost deserves a big “thank you” for hosting our website for free–indefinitely! That’s pawsitively wonderful.</font color=#0000FF>>


Petbucket offers quality preventive at a discount and often without a prescription. The also donate to Catnip Casa. If you are ready to purchase flea and tick meds and need to save money, use the code PBK12183975 to save an additional 10%. Thank you, Petbucket!


Pam Wheelock founded Purrfectplay to provide safe natural toys for dogs and cats. They are made in the USA of natural, non-toxic materials, and they are designed to appeal to pets. We have some cats at Catnip Casa that ignore every toy we give them. Yet, they love these. Natural wool dust bunnies are favorites.


Dr. Lisa Daniel not only loves cats, she supports our fragile felines with the best CBD product for pets that we have found. To thank our supporters, she also offers a discount of 15% to all of you. Feel free to share the discount. You can save money on every purchase, not just the first one. This is a great deal! Just say you found her at Catnip Casa.

The 15 % discount code is catnipcasa (one word, lower case). Dr. Daniel is a veterinarian and the owner of CanineBioDynamic.

Emerald Lawns

These folks love animals and support local rescues. They walk the walk and adopt rescued animals too. If you need help dealing with bugs and lawn diseases and want to deal with a company that is also pet-safety conscious, give them a call.

Dr. Tami Hunt is our primary vet for all of our senior and special needs cats and the resident dog. She visits Catnip Casa every month for wellness checks, along with extra house calls for illness. They are so much happier not having to be transported to a clinic.

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