A Catastic Family Affair

pennyYes, it’s a family affair. Mom, a tortoise shell, one gray kitten, one orange kitten, and dad an unusually large gray tabby arrived at the Catnip Casa feral feeders this fall. It was then we learned how much impact the lack of TNR services and veterinary care have impacted our community during the pandemic. Not only did we get surprised after years of having no new arrivals, several neighbors received the same type of surprise.

But, our mission is seniors and special needs, what are we going to do? We will rise to the challenge of dealing with the change we all share in every area of life and do our best for them. That means spay/neuter, names, and socialization with the hope of a good home in the future for all of them.

pennyAs soon as the kittens were large enough, they were neutered (both are little boys) and mom was spayed. The big tabby daddy will be neutered soon too.

Next, everyone needed names. We really enjoyed the support of our friends in helping pick names. The results soon came in. The big male became Earl Grey (aka Earl). The tortoiseshell female became Toffee. The orange tabby boy is now Cheeto, and the little gray boy is Dorian (aka Dory). They all have great names and are making progress toward socialization.

pennyToffee remains very shy, but Cheeto and Dory come right out to get meals and play with the laser light. The boys rub ankles and recognize the daily routine. Earl remains mellow and elusive when we try to trap him, but it will happen. He is a sweet mellow cat that may already be a senior. We’ll get him a checkup when he goes to the vet. Meanwhile, he can enjoy another sunbath on the dog bed.


As soon as our volunteer/board member and webmaster can develop a separate page for each of them, we’ll start updating you on their progress and getting more pictures.

Thank you for your generous help and support for this little family and for all of the Catnip Casa Cat Refuge kitties, as well as the little shelter dog, Happy. They are all rescues with a new lease on life thanks to you.