CC next to cat houseCC is nicknamed the Circle Cat because of the classic tabby pattern resembling circles on his sides. Check out his story as told by his foster caregiver at Austin Kitty Village.

CC had been spotted in our neighborhood for years before we could finally trap him. To the right is the first photo I ever took of him back in 2020, next to the cat house and feeding station I set up for him.

Once he started coming to eat regularly, I set a trap, and he stopped showing up every time I would set one out, even if it were far from his food station.He is very trap savvy and had to be drop-trapped. We finally got that done in 2022, and he sure was angry.  He stopped coming to eat here for a full month!

Ben and CC his BFFLuckily we have neighbors who were willing to put out food and even provide shelter during bad weather. It appears that CC has forgiven me as he now comes regularly to eat with his BFF Ben and let me take close-up photos just the other day.

CC and Ben fought horribly before they were both neutered. Just weeks after they both went through TNR, they started tolerating each other. And months later, they became best friends, striking up a true bromance. Now they are almost always seen together, head butting one another, even snuggling in a heated bed during the recent ice storm.

classic tabby named CC