2023 Amplify Austin Day

Dorian a pretty solid gray young male cat with short hair here for socialization after a TNR rescuePlease, join me in celebrating Amplify Austin Day 2023! This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Catnip Casa. Your support means the world to our senior and special needs cats. Yes, the big day is in March, but you can help from today all the way to March 2 at 6 p.m. when the event ends. Early donations count toward helping us earn prizes, grants, and matching funds. The more donations we receive, the more matching funds we get!

Remember, a few dollars go a long way when a lot of people give. For example, $5 given by 12 people is $60. Do you know that can pay for TNR for 3 community cats? It also pays for almost 100 pounds of dry cat food or a month of medication for a senior cat. Small amounts DO help.

What would happen if 100 people gave only $5 a week and each of them did that only 3 times before March 2? $1,500 is what happens! You can make a difference and be the solution.

Amplify Austin Day also offers the opportunity to share our mission with others. That’s exactly what we plan to do in 2023. This year is important because we made a commitment to grow our TNR project funds in an effort to help the community cats and our neighbors. It’s been tough for community cats and trappers to find TNR services since the pandemic shutdowns. Clinics at booked to capacity. Some programs are no longer free. Low-cost services lost funding too. Clinics are short of staff and veterinarians.

The result is lots of kittens, frustrated community residents, and trappers who can’t keep up with demand. We need more resources for funding, trapping, and veterinary services. It takes money, and we know this is a tight year for many people. Some people are afraid to give too much because of the threat of job loss and continued price increases. We get it. Think about the example above. Can you manage $5?

Catnip Casa’s main mission is to serve senior and special needs cats. However, costs go up for us too. Food, medicine, bedding, and all the supplies required to care for senior and special needs cats cost more now, but we will not let them down. They are the reason Catnip Casa exists. Cost increases and budget adjustments to cover the increased costs mean we are not taking in more seniors and special needs cats in 2023. The care costs are now three times higher per kitty than they were less than five years ago, and the kitties in Catnip Casa are older. They often need more expensive medications and treatment as they age, and we promised them a safe place for a ninth life.

In lieu of intake, we are committing to additional resources for getting TNR support to the community. We are adding funding to our community fund to support caregivers and our foster partners who help seniors. Catnip Casa can only offer that helping hand to the community with your support.

Please follow us on Facebook and meet the cats, learn more about what we do, and join us in making a difference in a small corner of the world. Amplify Austin Day helps by offering prizes, funding matches from local businesses, and more.