Whenever we have a kitty that is ready for a home, we want them to have their own family. We focus pet respite care and special needs kitties. Of course, our respite care pets have a home, and our job is to keep them safe and loved until they return to that home. It takes longer and present more challenges to find the perfect home for our special needs and senior kitties. That’s why we love to share our success stories!

When a kitty is adopted from our organization, they have their own special family who takes them knowing that they are special too. It’s a happy ending for all.

Pumpkin was adopted!
Pumpkin found his purrfect home! Congratulations to Pumpkin and his new family. Pumpkin was here longer than any of the adoptable cats. This poor boy was listed on Petfinder and Facebook and our website and Adoptapet. What more could we do to find him the perfect home? Well, today a man walked in and they fell for each other. It was clearly an immediate match. They finally found each other, and we are ecstatic. He’s going to have a wonderful life with his own family.
Bootsie is adopted
Bootsie’s owner died, and she was really scared. People kept taking her to different places. New people talked to her and petted her. They were nice, but it wasn’t home. Poor girl, she just couldn’t function well with all that happening. So, she came to respite care. Then, something wonderful happened. Someone in the family made room in their heart for her. She has a new home with people who will love her and keep her in their family forever. She’ll remain with us in respite care while her family makes preparations for her to join them. We are so happy for you pretty girl!
Amber eyes and sweet disposition, Rachelle is one of our big success stories. She was left behind by a neighbor who moved. She needed a very special home since she had to be an only cat. She was raised with dogs and loved small dogs though. Her perfect furrever home took six months to come along, but she’s treasured and secure now with a lovely home and special doggie roommate.