Meet the Cats

Here’s a quick introduction to the residents.

All of the kitties need sponsors. Some have very costly medications or special diets, which is why every kitty can have more than one sponsor. Your sponsorship allows us to provide top-quality care and also helps fund medical and boarding costs for respite care to keep pets with their families. We hate to ever say no to a pet in need.

Click here to SPONSOR A CAT and send us a note in the contact form to tell us which kitty is the lucky recipient of your support! If you’d like us to post your name as a sponsor, we’d love to share the good news.

Gandolph, a senior kitty with asthma
Gandolph is an 11-year old male with severe asthma. He’s a big boy at about 17 pounds. Click on the photo to read his story.
Cat lying on a blanket
CAT is a 4-year old female tuxedo that became very insecure and needy after losing several homes. She came to us through the respite care program and unfortunately, her owner was not able to resume caring for her. Click on her photo to read the full story.
Leo a black cat with a pumpkin
Leo is a long-haired black male cat. He’s about 12-years old, partially deaf, and suffers from severe allergies and asthma. To read more about Leo just click on the photo.
Mr. Gray a plush blue senior kitty
Mr. Gray is a senior male with a soft plush blue coat. This poor fellow has severe IBD and shrapnel from being shot. To read as much as we know of his story click on the photo.
Anna a senior Siamese Feral cat
Anna is beautiful and very feral. She’s also about 13-15-years old. To read more about Anna, click on her photo.
Sebastian black mail kitty with chronic wrist injury
Sebastian came to us flea-ridden, injured, and starving. He showed up near Thanksgiving during a storm. Read this handsome fellow’s story by clicking on the photo.
Bright Eyes a long-hair black cat
Bright Eyes is a beautiful 12-year old kitty with hearing loss and chronic urinary tract problems. She’s in the difficult position of not being able to be in a colony outside and not being tame enough to be comfortable as a pet. Check out her story by clicking on the photo.
Extra the extra black cat
Extra is in his teens, and he’s had several “extra” chances at life. He has a high-grade heart murmur and allergies. He’s made the most of his extra chances. He might be on his tenth life. Read more about Extra by clicking on the photo.