Meet the Cats

Here’s a quick introduction to the residents.

All of the kitties need sponsors. Some have very costly medications or special diets, which is why every kitty can have more than one sponsor. Your sponsorship allows us to provide top-quality care and also helps fund medical and boarding costs for respite care to keep pets with their families. Just click on the Sponsor Me button on their personal pages. There’s no minimum and no time commitment. We hate to ever say no to a pet in need.

In February 2023, Austin Kitty Village joined Catnip Casa as a foster home partner. They brought their own special residents too. These kitties also have special needs, medical conditions, or were rescued from dire situations where their lives were in danger.

You can also click here to SPONSOR A CAT and send us a note in the contact form to tell us which kitty is the lucky recipient of your support! If you’d like us to post your name as a sponsor, we love to share good news.

Leo a black cat with a pumpkin
Leo is a long-haired black male cat. He’s 15 going on 16 years old, partially deaf, and suffers from severe allergies and asthma. To read more about Leo, just click on the photo.
Sebastian black mail kitty with chronic wrist injury
Sebastian came to us flea-ridden, injured, and starving. He showed up near Thanksgiving during a storm. He’s 9 years old, young in this bunch. Read this handsome fellow’s story by clicking on the photo.
Bright Eyes a long-hair black cat
Bright Eyes is a beautiful 15-going-on 16-year-old kitty with hearing loss and chronic urinary tract problems. She’s in the difficult position of being unable to be in a colony outside and not being tame enough to be comfortable as a pet. Check out her story by clicking on the photo.
very large male gray tabby
This is the fellow we suspect may be the daddy to the kittens. His new name is Earl Grey. Even if he’s not, he was the most patient intact male we’ve ever seen. He won’t be fathering any more kittens now, but he’s welcome here. Click on the photo to learn more.


Community Kittens, orange and gray coloring
These are our new TNR projects. They just got neutered. Yup, both are boys 6-9 months old. We will work on taming for adoption. Their mom is a pretty black and orange Torti. Click on the photo to read more.
picture of tortoiseshell kitty
This pretty tortoiseshell kitty is the mom to the kittens. She’s extremely shy and in no hurry to trust the large humans, even if they bring food and warm beds. We’ll keep working on it. Click on the photo to learn more.
Dorian with bird in mouth on catio room floor
Dorian is also growing up. He a cutie, but he’s not as brave as his brother, Cheeto. See more pics and read about him by clicking on the picture above.
Cheeto getting his back scratched
Cheeto is growing up. You can read more about him on his page. Just click on his picture.

Two a black cat
Meet Two. He lives at the Austin Kitty Village foster home, and he has multiple medical problems. You can click on his picture to see more.
a gray and white cat with tabby stripes in the gray areas
Introducing Shady Slim. He lives at the Austin Kitty Village foster home. His page is up, but we still need to investigate the story behind that name.
classic tabby named CC
CC and his BFF Ben live at the Austin Kitty Village foster home. His claim to fame is how long it took his caregiver to manage to trap him for a TNR visit. This is one smart boy!
a gray and white tuxedo cat
This pretty lady is Junebug. A pretty name too. She loves her naps, as you’ll see in other pictures. We’re hurrying to get a page set up for her. She also lives at Austin Kitty Village with her friends.
a pretty long haired cream and orange or beige kitty
The adult is Arthur with a former kitten foster, Jonesy. Arthur lives at Austin Kitty Village. He has a head tilt from an illness. Click on the photo above to read more and check out those baby pics.
Ben a gray and white cat
Meet Ben, the BFF of CC at our partner foster home, Austin Kitty Village. He’s beautiful and obviously a bit unsure about being the subject of a photo op. Click on the picture to read more about him.
Daily a brown tabby cat
Meet Daisy. This sweet girl showed up at our back door one day, small and frightened. Click on the picture to read more about her.
Daily a brown tabby cat
Caramel Latte is a dilute orange tabby cat. We call him Latte. He arrived at Catnip Casa lost and hungry, suffering from fleas, and positive for heartworms. To read more about Latte click on his photo.