Come and meet our wonderful cats.

All of our cats need food, shelter, medications, and veterinary care, as well as beds and toys for their emotional well-being. Each cat can have more than one sponsor. Be a part of their village of caregivers. The more sponsors we have, the more cats we can help. We’ll list your name as a sponsor too. Just let us know that it’s okay to tell everyone. We never post your name without permission

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge is a 501c3. You can deduct your sponsorship. 🙂

SPONSOR A KITTY, simply click the Sponsor Me button. Select “recurring monthly donation” and type in the amount. There is no minimum. ADD YOUR FAVORITE KITTY’S NAME in the “special instructions” box on the checkout page. You’ll receive personal updates and extra photos. If you wish, you can send gifts of toys or bedding too! We’ll even take a photo of your sponsored kitty using your gifts. Questions?

Click on the picture to learn more about each of these brave and very special kitties.

vinnie in condo


Mustache on a shelf


Mr. Gray laying around
Mr. Gray


Leo in the window with a pumpkin


Anna on a chair




Bright Eyes portrait picture
Bright Eyes


Extra, the extra black cat with sore ears


Galadrial aka Li'l Gal
Galadrial (Lil Gal)