Dorian and Cheeto on a chairDorian (nicknamed Dory) was smaller than his brother as a baby, and he’s still smaller. He’s not quite as brave either. Maybe that’s why he’s less destructive even though they are in their teens.

We are pleased to see Dorian’s beginning to follow Cheeto’s lead and trust people. Dorian also loves playing with da bird and forgets everything else during playtime. It’s a great time to sneak in a few pets to get him used to trusting people.

Dorian with bird in mouth on catio room floorThis boy has personality plus, but he’s the quiet guy in the room. That doesn’t mean he isn’t smart and curious, like his brother. Dory is simply less apt to tell you what he’s going to do before it happens.

In size, he’s shorter and more compact than Cheeto. Dorian has a softer, rounder build. Nevertheless, he’s strong and busy.

There is a play area outside of their room. We can put new toys in there, and let them in there when we can supervise. Some of the toys are automated with batteries or have strings. Dory thinks it’s like Christmas when he gets to explore the play area and finds new toys.

There are things like a spinning butterfly and feather that dangles from the ceiling, along with a mouse that runs around a track and disappears.

As you can see in the picture above, he’s also a good hunter! You can read more about the rescue of Dorian and his family here.

Dorian a pretty solid gray young male cat with short hairDorian in patio table cubby