How Your Donations Are Used

How your donations are used. What happens to the money? That’s the first thing everyone asks about a charitable organization. You deserve to know exactly what we do and where we spend your money.

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge is an all-volunteer organization, and we’re proud to say the majority of your donations go directly to the care of the animals. That’s what we know you want. The welfare of the animals is why we are here. Donations are the primary support of this organization. We also look for grant funding for special projects to help us serve more animals.

2023 Shelter Expenses Pie Chart

There are no salaries and no board compensations. Our insurance and administrative expenses cover necessary insurance and costs for software and supplies to run the organization. We invest as little as possible in those things and often get donations that carry us without further investment.

The “other” category includes things like replacing beds and toys, which are very important for the mental and emotional health of the animals, and sometimes special needs, such as physical therapy items or ramps.

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge focuses on senior and special needs animals. Therefore, medical expenses are the largest portion of the budget. Senior animals’ medical costs go up as they age, as often happens with people too. Also, food and litter cost more because we have to deal with special diets, medical conditions, and allergies. Our goal is to maintain their quality of life and keep them safe and comfortable for as long as possible.

Your donations are the reason we can do what we do.

       2022 Stats for Intake and Outcome

  • January 1           11 Cats in Residence
  • Intake                   1 Cat
  • Died                      1 Medical Euthanasia
  • Dec. 31, 2022     11 Cats in Residence
  • Catnip Casa is a refuge. Most cats are here for life. Adoptions are rare.
  • Our ending Total is (starting number + intake – died = total)
  • Save Rate is Total divided by Starting Number + Intake = 91.6%

Please remember there are many ways you can help, even when you are short on cash. Just check out our How to Help and Shop and Save pages. Also, take a moment to visit GivingAssistant. You’ll discover you can shop in thousands of places, get coupons and discounts, and give a donation to Catnip Casa, all in one stop.

Ruby a white shepherd
We love dogs too and work with the cats to help them learn to live comfortably with dogs.
Rachel abandoned kitty