How To Help

You can help by donating supplies such as food and litter, shopping, or sending a cash donation.

  • Do you live in Austin, Texas and have litter sitting in the garage that your cat won’t use?
  • Did you have toys and supplies in good condition?
  • Do you have friends with cats that are picky and have toys, food, or litter that will be discarded?
  • Do you have a CAR, BOAT, OR RV sitting around? You can donate that too!
  • Do you prefer to mail a donation? Our address is PO Box 81663, Austin, TX 78708.

Please consider donating cat toys, litter, and food! We’ll even pick them up.

Want to do more but don’t have any money? You can still help.

Since we are small, we can use supplies in smaller quantities than large organizations. Leftovers your cat won’t use or won’t eat allow us to put more money extratheextrablackcattoward the high medical expenses we incur.

Right now, we have two seniors that need dental work, in addition to the ongoing medical care for the chronically ill kitties. Dental care for seniors that need extra care, monitoring, and hospital stays may cost $700 to $1500 per kitty, depending on the amount of surgery and other health conditions.

Contact us to arrange pickup of local donations in Austin, Texas.

Please allow at least 72 hours to arrange a local donation pickup.

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge is a 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit corporation.
We’re proud of our progress. Are you interested in becoming a foster home? Would you like to sponsor a kitty?

Watch for new ways you can help your favorite cat(s). We provide top quality food and medical care to our special kitties, and that costs a lot.


Donate for Charity Inc. Logo to donate cars, trucks, rvs, and more
Buying a new car? Getting rid of an old one? We’ve teamed up with Donate For Charity so you can easily donate your vehicle. They will arrange for your car to be picked up, and will handle all the issues associated with donating your car. We certainly appreciate our donors considering this option as a way to help support our cause. You can either click on the link provided Vehicle Donation Form, or call Donate For Charity directly at (866) 392-4483.



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