Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea and petite gray tabby



Sweet Pea is very petite and shy. We don’t know a lot about her. One day she appeared to eat with our colony and has been here ever since. At first, she kept her distance. Over time, our colony accepted her with an attitude that says “just don’t forget you’re only a guest”. Still, it’s a peaceful situation and that’s what counts.

This girl is very small, and she is touchable. Although, she doesn’t appear to be a house cat that is just a stray. Her social skills with people are a bit tenuous. At this point, the special needs household area is too full to try bringing her in, but we are working with her and keeping her accustomed to handling with an eye toward making her manageable if she needs vet care.

She’s been around a colony in the past because she’s been to her TNR spa day. (she’s ear-tipped and spayed).  One eye has some odd coloring that could have been from a past injury, but she has no signs of pain or disease now.

Since the backyard colony allows her to live in their territory without harassing her, she has a nice warm heated bed, warmed food bowls in winter, and shelter from bad weather in a small catio that is her private domain most of the time. We’ve even seen Extra visiting occasionally. On the other hand, Anna is not inclined to offer that much hospitality. That’s okay. Tolerance is the first step.

Sweet Pea a tiny gray tabby
It’s my catio, all mine. If I lay right here, I’ll make sure to trip the person delivering the food too.