A Day at Catnip Casa

We’ve heard it all when we talk about a day at Catnip Casa!

Mustache in the hospital.

It’s amazing, but sometimes saying the words animal rescue leads to some unusual remarks. It must be nice to have so many pets. It’s great that you can turn a hobby into a business. At least animals don’t cost much. I see the pet lovers and rescuers with experience out there rolling their eyes and laughing. Other times, people inquire with a genuine interest in the daily duties at our intake and long-term care home. What do we do? How?

For our friends who really want to join us for a virtual visit for a day. Here is an outline of how a day at Catnip Casa goes. Of course, it’s subject to change. Animals get sick, meds change, seniors die, and we have a personal life to deal with too. Being foster-home based, the animals and people are always intertwined on their journey through life.

So, let’s pretend you’re joining us for a day. Are you ready for your morning workout?


  1. 1 can of Special urinary tract diet for Bright Eyes in her condo in the cat room.
  2. Pick up the evening food bowls and rinse them along with Bright Eyes’ prior night bowl.
  3. Put ½ bowl of dry food for Annie and Extra (one orange bowl from the garage in each of two back yard feeders by elm tree).
  4. Put ½ bowl of dry food in the bench feeder in front.
  5. Check the water in back yard feeders and on the patio, clean and refill as needed.
  6. Put 1 can food in a small plastic bowl (in the kitchen cabinet) or heated metal bowls on the patio, if it’s winter, check water too. Do not put plastic bowls in heated feeders.
  7. Put 2 cans food in two small plastic bowls (in the kitchen cabinet) for Anna and Extra in the back yard. There is a heated feeder with two bowls and a large heated water bowl for them in the large shed or in the back catio during winter freezes. It is just inside the door and can be reached through plastic windbreak. There is also bedding, a heated mat, and heated kitty houses in the shed.
  8. Put 1 can in a small plastic bowl for NP in the nearest catio. This catio also has heated winter bowls and a heated kitty house.
  9. Walk Happy (the shelter dog).
  10. Scoop litter pans inside (9 of them)
  11. Take care of any respite care or other special needs pets that are guests.
  12. Give meds to Gandolph, Vinnie (Vinnie MED IN AM ONLY), Leo, and Mr. Gray.
  13. Fill patio fountain and birdbath.
  14. Release Cat and Sebastian from their overnight condos.


  1. Make the rounds of all the outdoor canned food bowls and replace them with bowls of fresh food.
  2. Take the dog for a mid-day run in the yard.


  1. 4-5 pm put canned food out again for outdoor feral/community/stray kitties.
  2. 8-8:30 pm pick up all food bowls outside in front and back.
  3. 8:30-9:00 pm scoop all litter pans inside.
  4. Spend at least 30 minutes each with Mustache and Mr. Gray petting and/or playing with interactive wand toys, check food, give treats, if allowed, and fresh water.
  5. 9:30-10:00 pm Walk Happy and put him to bed. (crate up with treats, food, and water)
  6. 1 can of special urinary tract diet food for Bright Eyes.
  7. 1 can Fancy Feast with gravy to Sebastian in his condo, close door. He sleeps in the condo.
  8. Canned food and water to CAT. Also close condo door. She sleeps in her condo to keep Little Gal from bullying her during the night.
  9. Give meds to Gandolph, Leo, and Mr. Gray.
  10. Put out four 3 oz. cans of Fancy Feast in small plastic bowls for other cats, leave out overnight. Two cans go on the kitchen floor—two cans go on the buffet in the living room next to dry food.
  11. Vinnie needs food overnight. He’s kept in a bedroom most of the night so the other cats don’t eat his food. He can’t climb to get food and needs frequent food changes. He’s not allowed to have anything with turkey or cheese due to meds.. Check and clean water bowl in his bedroom.
medications for cats
Sometimes we can put multiple medications in one capsule.

Fill dry food bowls on buffet each night, as needed. Check the water in all pet fountains—in Bright Eyes condo and in cat room and living room entry.

All of the feedings create dishwashing chores every day at Catnip Casa. The catios need to be cleaned. Outdoor bedding needs to be maintained. Indoor bedding needs to be cleaned and replaced as needed, and seasonal changes in bedding, housing, and dishes, require set-up and takedown.

The duties of a day at Catnip Casa are considerably more demanding than those of a normal home with a pet or two. The goal is to give those that can’t be in a normal home (medical needs, behavioral issues, or just too many needs/expenses for a working person or family) a normal home-like environment as long as they are able to have a good quality of life. We are presently at full capacity and love them all.

Your love and support are important to them every day. Thank you!