Love Your Cat, Love Your Heart

Do you need even more reasons to love your cat?

Vinnie peeking out of cubbyBesides the fact that February brings Valentine’s Day, April brings the tax man, and May is when school is out for many students and parents. We all have stress in other ways too, which caused me to notice the article, “owning a cat good for the heart?” Since most of my readers are pet lovers, this study gives us even more reason to love our pets. Cats seem to help their owners avoid heart attacks and other heart ailments.

Dogs didn’t rate as well, but the reason isn’t known. One theory is that the difference may correlate to the pets’ life span differences. Cats, especially indoor cats, usually live much longer than dogs.

The study indicates that people who own a cat have a 30-40% less chance of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease. Now, that’s what I call natural healing!

I hope this will encourage everyone to adopt and donate to help our furry friends in shelters. They help us every day!