How to Give a Cat a Pill Podcast

Giving cats pills is the subject of many laughs and also many tears when a sick kitty really needs that pill. How to Give a Cat a Pill covers our most often used technique at Catnip Casa. We have a lot of experience and a lot of suggestions to help you win the battle of cat versus pill.

This year, we want to reach more people and give you more information in a variety of formats. How to Give a Cat a Pill is our first topic because finding a way to administer vital medication can literally save a pet’s life. Sharing our experience is one way we can give back to you, our friends and supporters.

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How to Give Your Cat a Pill Podcast

Another struggle, especially for cat owners, is water intake. For great ideas to help keep cats hydrated, check out this post. We’ll also get that up in a podcast soon.

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The Paws with Penny blog has been around for many years, even before Catnip Casa Cat Refuge formed. Today, we are excited to venture into new territory with the very first podcast! Your patience with our learning curve is appreciated. Remember to share our posts and podcasts to help others too.


Gandolph, a senior kitty with asthma
Gandolph is a mature kitty that has asthma. He is now using an inhaler instead of prednisone pills in capsules. We’ll talk about how that works in a future post.