New Ways to Donate

Cheeto an orange cat
Cheeto resting in the catio play yard.

We are excited to offer new ways to donate to Catnip Casa. As we move through the year, there are many celebrations and events, or even everyday shopping, that can support the Catnip Casa kitties without taking a dime out of your pocket. You can shop at thousands of stores, donate vehicles, recycle electronics, book vacations and travel, and more. You shop through our links (or sign up with the organization and select us as your charity). The retail organizations donate a percentage to us. There is no extra cost or mark ups. This is how many businesses give back to local communities and offer their customers a choice. Then, the stores send us a payment several times each year. You may find coupons and special sales too.

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge is now able to accept cryptocurrency donations too. Just select the crypto donation button, just like any other type of donation.

Another new way to donate is offered by CharityChoice. They help charitable organizations get donations by offering donors the chance to donate gift cards. Maybe you received a gift card you won’t use (hate that restaurant or whatever). Or, you have gift cards you used, but there are a few dollars or only a few cents left on it. You don’t feel right throwing money away, but what can you do with it? Donate it to us! Every little bit adds up.

CharityChoice also partners with some of the rewards programs offered by American Express, Bank of America, FedEx, and others. If your rewards program offers CharityChoice as an option, you can use points as a donation. Look for CharityChoice as an option in your reward programs or visit their site and ask to have them add a new reward program to make giving convenient.

Whatever works for you, can work for us too. Thank you.