We are a 501c3

Leo with PumpkinAlthough we’ve been doing rescue work for over twenty years, Catnip Casa Cat Refuge officially became a Texas nonprofit corporation in 2015. We are proud to announce that we are also received our 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS. That means all donations are tax-deductible!

We will add donation and sponsorship buttons just as fast as our fingers can get them on the site–don’t go away, along with volunteer opportunities and more. Watch for new ways to help and please, visit often. There will be many exciting new things coming to our website and the Catnip Casa Cat Refuge.

Some of our close friends know we faced serious challenges this year. We are in Texas and were flooded in 2015 on Memorial Day weekend. Fortunately, the kitties and the special care facilities made it through without extensive damage. Our intake and pawspice care home totally flooded causing heavy property damage inside and out. The recovery efforts continue.

At that time we were not yet a 501c3 and could not ask for donations to help with repairs to the shelters or the cleanup in shelter areas. We paid for that out of the pockets of the directors. It caused us to put off some of the dental work and routine medical care that wasn’t urgent. Still, that doesn’t mean the dental and exams are not important. All of these kitties are special needs or seniors. They were quite traumatized by the entire event, and it’s not over. One of our first goals is to start fundraising for medical expenses and catch up.

We want to thank our friends and the board for their support during this difficult time. We also want to welcome new friends who have been waiting for the 501c3 approval to join us as volunteers and board members. Our special needs kitties always need more friends and supporters. Whether you shop through iGive, donate litter, or honor us with a cash donation, the cats and the people thank you!